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Ο Opera προσφέρει ενσωματωμένη υπηρεσία VPN

Ο Opera γίνεται ο πρώτος διαδεδομένος browser που ενσωματώνει υπηρεσία VPN, προσβάσιμη με ένα toggle στην μπάρα διευθύνσεων του, στην καινούρια έκδοση του για desktop.

Σύμφωνα με την ανακοίνωση, δεν θα υπάρχει περιορισμός σε όγκο δεδομένων, ενώ θα παρέχεται 256-bit κρυπτογράφηση.


We are the first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network.

Now, you don't have to download VPN extensions or pay for VPN subscriptions to access blocked websites and to shield your browsing when on public Wi-Fi.

  • Hide your IP address – Opera will replace your IP address with a virtual IP address, so it's harder for sites to track your location and identify your computer. This means you can browse the web more privately.
  • Unblocking of firewalls and websites – Many countries, schools and workplaces block video-streaming sites, social networks and other services. By using a VPN you can access your favorite content, no matter where you are.
  • Public Wi-Fi security – When you're surfing the web on public Wi-Fi, intruders can easily sniff data. By using a VPN, you can improve the security of your personal information.

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